Aviation Maintenance Technician Program (AMT 147)

Air Agency Certificate Number N4IT070K


Certificate 17 months

Program Objective: The Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT 147) Program imparts knowledge and skills to those striving to become aircraft technicians or for career enhancement in aviation and related industries.

The focus is on theory, concepts, and hands-on skills essential for maintenance requirements and keeping aircraft in an airworthy condition. Students are eligible to take the corresponding FAA examinations at various benchmarks throughout the program should FAA certification be desired. The Program is approximately 17 months for full-time Day students, and 34 months for full-time Night students.

The program is comprised of 56 SH:

General – 12 SH (420 instructional hours) consisting of 12 courses

Airframe – 22 SH (770 instructional hours) consisting of 22 courses

Powerplant – 22 SH (770 instructional hours) consisting of 22 courses

The Aviation Maintenance Technician program contains approximately 40% lecture and 60% lab and hands-on instruction. A list of all courses in this program can be found within this publication. Transferring credits from one NCI program to another is authorized based on course and program applicability. An integrated part of instruction is to ensure job related health, safety, and fire prevention is addressed in each program.


Although students can be employed within the aviation field without additional credentials upon program completion, most companies prefer for a student to complete the Federal Aviation Administration certification. For a student to earn their certification the student will need to complete the following:

        1. Complete the hours and curriculum of an approved FAA 147 program
        2. Complete the required written testing for General, Airframe and/or Powerplant. (Depending on the FAA certification; i.e. Airframe or Powerplant or both)
        3. Complete the Oral & Practical exam with an FAA approved Designated Mechanic Examiner (DME).


Supplies needed for 1st day


Paper without lines (for drawing course)

Pencils, Pens

Calculator – Casio FX-115ES PLUS

Highlighter in yellow only

Hearing Protection – Earmuffs & Ear Plugs

College / Wide ruled paper

Safety Glasses


Electronic device capable of accessing the internet has storage abilities, word documents and PDF viewer, email access, and other functions necessary for course work. Must be able to access www.FAA.gov. Examples include but not limited to laptop, net book, iPad, etc.


Aviation Maintenance Technician Program (AMT 147): For those with no experience.

*Please contact our Admissions department for more information.*

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