Program Information:

Program Objective: The Associate of Applied Science Degree in Aviation Technology
provides students with a general undergraduate education with a foundation in aviation.
Students qualify for a wide variety of careers in the Aviation/Aerospace industry, or for
those students who are employed in an aviation-related area; this degree will provide the
knowledge and college credentials needed to be competitive for advancement or promotion.

The AASD Program is 24 months long.


For the Maintenance and Operations areas of concentration, FAA certificates, licenses, and/or military civilian aviation work experience and training may complete specialization requirements. Documentation should be submitted for credit review and substitution  equivalency eligibility.

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English / Communications – 6 SH

  • ENGL-221 English Composition I
  • ENGL-222 English Composition II or
  • ENGL-223 Technical Report Writing

Humanities / Arts – 3 SH

  • SPCH-224 Public Speaking or
  • Elective from the following disciplines: Foreign Language, Literature, Music  Philosophy, Speech,
    • Religious Studies, Humanities, Art, Dance, Drama, Fine Arts, Photography

Behavioral / Social Sciences – 3 SH

  • PSYC-216 Introduction to Psychology or
  • SOCI-218 Introduction to Sociology or
  • ECON-201 Principles of Microeconomics or
  • ECON-202 Principles of Macroeconomics or
    • Elective from the following discipline: Anthropology, Economics, Ethnic Studies, Geography (excluding Physical), Government, History, Human Relations, Political Science.

Natural / Applied Sciences – 3 SH

  • PHYS-210 Applied Physics or
  • AV-250 Flight Physiology or
  • 3 SH from the following disciplines: Anatomy, Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Environmental Studies, Genetics, Geology, Natural Science, Physical Geography,     Physical Science, Physics, Physiology, Plant Sciences, Zoology

Mathematics –  3 SH

  • MATH-201 College Algebra I or
  • MATH-202 College Algebra II or
  • College-level Mathematics (that is not a remedial or preparatory course)

Business / Computer Science – 3 SH

  • BUSI-103 Introduction to Business or
  • COMP-101 Introduction to Computers or
  • ACCT-101 Principles of Accounting I or
  • BUSI-104 Business Law or
  • MRKT-225 Principles of Marketing or
  • MGMT-201 Principles of Management or
  • 3 SH from the following disciplines: Accounting, Management, Marketing, Business, or Computer Sciences.

General Education Credit Sub-Total                                                                         21 SH

DEGREE CONCENTRATION                                                                                               18 SH

AVIATION ELECTIVES                                                                                                         12 SH

OPEN ELECTIVES                                                                                                                   11 SH

Total Semester Hours Needed to Complete Degree:                                        62 SH 

ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS: 18 SH must be completed through NCI, acceptable accredited institution, and/or examinations administered through DANTES, CLEP, or Excelsior College.

NCI has no residency requirements for the AASD program.


Spring 2019   Fall 2019  
May 28 – June 05, 2019 Advising & Registration September 24 – October 02, 2019 Advising & Registration
June 06, 2019 Late Registration October 03, 2019 Late Registration
June 10, 2019 Class Begin October 07, 2019 Class Begin
September 20, 2019 End of Term January 24, 2019 End of Term
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