Servicemembers requesting Tuition Assistance (TA) must speak with their local education office to determine their tuition assistance benefits and receive guidance prior to enrolling at NCI.

      • Speak with your local Education Office to ensure your eligibility for tuition assistance and complete any required training (each branch may have a slightly different process and requirements).
      • Ensure you are following your service branch requirements including the time frame to submit your TA application.
      • Questions regarding your tuition assistance approval or requirements should be directed to your local education office.

All military personnel that are using TA who want to attend courses through NCI must submit a Common Application through the GoArmyEd portal: ( (if you have a common application with another college or university, you will need to contact your Education Service Officer (ESO) and/or Education Center to update your home college to NCI.

  1. Connect to
  2. Go to my virtual Education Center located on the main page
  3. Clink on the link “Before you Enroll in the Course”
  4. Clink on Complete/Update Common Application
  5. Complete all required steps as indicated in Common Application document

Once your account has been set up and a common application submitted, please notify NCI of your intentions to enroll in a course / class at the following email address:

Dean of Admissions (

After you have completed the common application to NCI, you will need to complete the enrollment documents for the class / program that you are interested in with the Dean of Admissions. NCI will require you to send all official transcripts to include your military transcripts to NCI. Once received your information will be evaluated in accordance with the Federal Aviation Administration Regulation FAR 147.31 (c)(1) and (2).

Once your evaluation has been completed, your degree plan will be uploaded to the GoAmyEd portal. Your ESO will review your plan and post it on your army records, confirming it was reviewed. Reminder: NCI is unable to upload your degree plan to the GoArmyEd portal if you have not completed your application and registration paperwork with NCI.

Grades: NCI updates your grades through the GoArmyEd portal usually within five (5) business days after the completion of your course / class.

Registering for course / classes through the GoArmyEd portal:

  1. Click on Enroll or Drop/Withdraw from a course
  2. Request TA and Enroll in a course
  3. Account information section (you will need to complete)
  4. Click on Account Information Verified
  5. Click Continue to be directed to Select Enrollment Form
  6. Select the correct session term
  7. View My Class Schedule
  8. Click Add Classes to be directed to STEP 1
  9. Click on Magnifying Glass to be directed to Search Integrated Course Schedule
  10. Select North Central Institute as your college
  11. Select the course / classes that you are registering for

If you drop/withdraw from a class / course, you will need to do so through the GoArmyEd portal.

For assistance with the registration process in the GoArmyEd portal you may also contact the Dean of Admissions at 931-431-9700 or

Please understand that the steps may change due to website updates.

For additional information on the following programs please visit their appropriate websites:

Military Tuition Assistance



Coast Guard:



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