• quarry_waymon-nciQuarry Waymon attributed his successful educational experience to the faculty and staff of NCI and their abundant knowledge, accessibility, and honesty. His goal is to become a Lead Mechanic with AAR Aviation Services, within five years.






  • DANIEL_SACKETTjAN2015-e1421183971867-225x300 Daniel Sackett Left this advice for current NCI students. Never stop trying, and don’t be afraid to take the next step. Upon employment, now 6 months later I am a maintenance lead.





  • Joshua Lupo (photo not available), expressed the Engine electrical section (generators) of Powerplant was challenging, but with the guidance of the instructors was able to accomplish the educational goals.



  • Joshua Rutherford, it is most important to do your testing early while the information is fresh in your mind.  Be confident in yourself and remember your goals and why your came here in the first place.






NCI takes pride in our graduates leading successful careers in the Aviation industry.  Our graduates are employed all over the world in various maintenance positions such as:  General Aviation maintenance, Line Mechanics, Government Contractors, Inspectors, Team Leads, and Maintenance Directors.

Places you can find NCI graduates.



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