Deborah Bryant in the NCI lab



Here at NCI we want to know what drives our students and graduates to accomplish their goals and be successful. We asked Deborah Bryant a former student, who will be starting employment with Endeavor Airlines ( as an interior mechanic; to answer a few questions about her success at North Central Institute and what kept him here.


Deborah Bryant –
Q) What was the driving factor in your decision to attend NCI?
A) My kids, supporting them and their future was the deciding factor for me.


Q) If you had to name one instructor that you felt has helped you to keep going, who would you name?
A) Mr. Keith Svadba, his support and words of advice helped keep me going.


Q) What section of the course did you feel was the most challenging?
A) Electricity was a challenge for me but I made it.


Q) What do you have as a career goal in five years?
A) In five years I would like to have attained my Inspection Authority (IA) rating.


Q) If you could give any advice to present and future students what would that be?
A) Most important, do you testing early while the information is fresh in your mind. Be confident in yourself and remember you goals (why you came here in the first place).


Q) Is there anyone that has been an influence in your attending and finishing NCI?
A) A couple of people come to mind, Andrew Brown and Mr. Keith Svadba.


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