Daniel Sackett at NCI

 Here at North Central Institute (NCI), we want to know what drives our students and graduates to accomplish their goals and be successful.  We asked Daniel Sackett a recent graduate, who is currently employed with HAECO Aviation (http://www.haeco.com/) as a Structural Modification Team Lead, to answer a few questions about his success at North Central Institute.


Daniel Sackett

  1. Q) What was the driving factor in your decision to attend NCI?
  2. A) It was a job I loved doing while in the Military.


  1. Q) What instructor had the most impact on your education?
  2. A) For me all of them offered something I could use along the way, which proved to be invaluable during my week long on the job interview.


  1. Q) What section or course of the program of the course did you feel was the most challenging?
  2. A) Powerplant was a challenge for me but with the help of the instructors, I made it.



  1. Q) Where do you see yourself in five years?
  2. A)  In five years I would like to have attained my Inspection Authority (IA) rating.


  1. Q) What advice do you have for present and future students?
  2. A) Never stop trying, and don’t be afraid to take the next step, I am just out of school and I am already a lead.


  1. Q) Is there anyone that has been an influence in your attending and finishing NCI?
  2. A) I owe it all to my Dad.


  1. Q) In your current position, what are some of the tasks involved?
  2. A) I work on A319/320 Airbus Aircraft. I modify the aircraft to maintain the airworthiness to FAA standards.


Daniel stopped by on 13 Jan 2015, to speak to our current students and here are some tips he had.

  • Get a quality toolbox with sturdy casters; he has gone through two boxes in 7 months (They have 7 hangers at his location).
  • Be flexible – different companies want paperwork done different ways.
  • Shadow your toolbox – Do not have excess things in your box.
  • Tape measures & headlamps are essential tools as well as good quality tools, and tool accountability.
  • Always be professional, be on time & dressed for work, and most importantly, follow the rules!



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