The Credit Inventory Evaluation (CIE) Process:

  • Carefully complete and sign the NCI application.
  • Submit all properly certified documents, using the Document Checklist. All of your documents must be certified true copies (see Document-Certifying Guidelines). Do not send originals; we must keep documentation for auditing purposes.
  • Double-check your packet for completeness, prior to sending it to NCI. If your packet is properly completed, we guarantee the internal processing times (see below). If your packet is incomplete, or a balance is due, your file remains unprocessed until the outstanding issue is resolved.

***  Credit Inventory Evaluation Note  ***

It has come to our attention that some unit S-1’s have not been able to find North Central Institute in the EMILPO system, the following should help:

OPE ID:  03079100

School code:  NOCTRL


Request official transcripts BEFORE submission of your packet, using the following site:

Evaluations packets submitted before a holiday or school closure will be affected by the closure dates. Please calculate BUSINESS DAYS ONLY* when estimating the completion dates of submitted packets (see calendar at the bottom of this page). Normal business hours are Mon-Thurs 8:00 am to 4:30 pm and Fri 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Central Standard Time.

* Holidays and weekends do not count as business days, and are not calculated in the processing time for evaluation results.  Holiday hours will also affect business hours.

Credit Inventory Evaluation 

We offer the Credit Inventory Evaluation (CIE) service to those who have served in any branch of the US military, or would like civilian work, training, and experience evaluated for college credit. You may also use this opportunity to combine your standardized test results for CLEP and/or DANTES, and any other college courses you have completed.

The quality of the evaluation process is assured by determining equivalency through the American Council on Education (ACE) guide. This guide is updated and distributed every two years. We work with the most current edition of the ACE guide.

Advantages of our CIE service include:

  • Evaluation of your military and civilian training and experience, as it applies to college credits.
  • Compilation of your military and/or civilian training and experience, plus any previous college courses onto one, official transcript.
  • Support for your advancement at the military promotion boards.
  • Determination of the number of credits you have earned towards a diploma or degree. As a courtesy, potential degree candidates will receive a notification of their remaining degree requirements. Separate fees will apply for application into the Associate of Applied Science Degree program.

NCI has been evaluating military training and experience for well over 15 years.  Thousands of evaluations later, we have identified three common areas our customers need to pay close attention:

  • Understand the evaluation process, submit all documentation with your initial packet.
  • Ensure documents are certified and application is complete.
  • Allow enough time for the evaluation process to be completed and your transcript mailed back to you before any deadline you may have.  We do not email transcripts.
    ***See the calendar below for mail out dates***

To help ensure your satisfaction with the CIE service and timeliness of the evaluation, please download and read the information provided in the NCI Evaluation packet below.  For your convenience you may also download single documents of the packet as well:

Please Note: The fill-able fields & digital signature

                             ONLY work using Internet Explorer

1) NCI Evaluation Packet (This is the complete packet with the application form)

*If you would like to scan and email or fax your evaluation packet rather than mailing it, you may do so.  Our email address for this service is:  The fax number is: (931) 431-9771.  


The following are individual forms for download:

2) Evaluation Flyer

3) NCI Application

4) Credit Card Authorization Form

5) NCI Evaluations FAQ page

If you have general information questions about the evaluation process please use the link below

Click here to request more information about NCI’s other services.

Evaluations Overview

The process of evaluating military training and experience into college credit is a detailed one, and requires responsibility on both parties:

  • Your responsibility is to ensure you understand the process, and that your packet is in proper order.
  • Our responsibility is to thoroughly evaluate your packet, and to meet the internal processing deadlines.

Weekends and Holidays are not considered business days.




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  • Evaluations FAQ

    Please select a question on the left to see the answer to some of our most frequently asked questions.

  • If I served in the Marines, Navy, or Air Force, what do I need to send?

    Members of the Air Force may order their Community College of the Air Force, (CCAF) transcript at or call (334) 953-2794. Coast Guard members will order their Sailor and Marine/ACE Registry Transcript System (SMARTS) by calling 1-877-253-7122 or visiting Members of the Marines or Navy can order their Joint Service Transcript by visiting

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  • Why can’t you do the Evaluation with just my Joint Service Transcript (JST)?

    The JST (formally known as AARTS) may not always provide all the information we need to do an in depth evaluation. It does not provide proof of high school/GED.

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  • Do I need a Joint Service Transcript (JST)?

    An institutional copy of your JST (formally known as AARTS), is highly recommended. You may order it at Follow the steps to have it sent directly to North Central Institute. Personal/unofficial copies of the JST are not accepted.

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  • Can my Evaluation be processed faster?

    Premium Evaluations are processed in 2 business-days. The “Premium Fax Evaluation” includes a copy faxed to you before the transcript is mailed. For a complete list of fees, please view the schedule of fees.

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  • How long does an evaluation take?

    If properly submitted, both the Unofficial EVALUATIONS and the Official EVALUATIONS process in 10 business-days. This does not include weekends, holidays, or mailing time. Incomplete files will not begin processing until all required documentation is received.

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  • How can I use the credits earned with an Evaluation?

    Most often, transcripts resulting from an “Official EVALUATIONS” are used for promotion purposes. They may also be used to show future employers how your training and experience corresponds with civilian college courses. An NCI transcript can also be used to consolidate multiple college transcripts into one.

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  • What is the difference between an unofficial evaluation and an official evaluation?

    The Unofficial EVALUATION provides you with results only. A transcript will be produced only with an Official EVALUATIONS, or when the transcript fee is paid after an Unofficial EVALUATION is processed. Unofficial Evaluation’s do not produce a transcript.

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  • Can I get an estimate of credits before I submit my application packet?

    No. Despite having processed thousands of evaluations, we cannot accurately predict the outcome before we evaluate a file. You can review your personal copy of your “Army/ACE Registry Transcript System transcript (AARTS)” online to see what portions of your training may qualify for credit.

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  • How much credit will I earn?

    Until your evaluation has been completed, we ourselves will not know your potential outcome. Every soldier’s training is unique, and must be properly evaluated to award the appropriate credit. The Unofficial EVALUATIONS can allow you to see what you can earn without committing to the full price of an Official EVALUATIONS.

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  • Why do my documents have to be certified?

    Since you are providing NCI with copies of your documents, we require your chain of command to verify no alterations were made to the documents in the process of making the copies. This is a security procedure to ensure the validity of your training, and the integrity of the credits awarded.

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  • Why do you need my NCOER or counseling statements?

    An NCOER or counseling statements will give us valuable information to properly evaluate your current skill level within your MOS.

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  • Do I need to submit both a 2-1 and an ERB?

    Only one, or the other needs to be submitted. The ERB has replaced the 2-1, but those soldiers who still have 2-1’s may choose to submit that form.

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  • Can civilians with no military service be evaluated?

    Yes, even civilians may use this service. Please contact the EVALUATIONS advisors at 931-431-9700 for details.

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  • Can someone other than myself pay for my evaluation with their credit card?

    If the authorized cardholder is not the applicant, then please have the cardholder submit a credit card authorization form. This is a security precaution designed to protect the cardholder from fraudulent usage.

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  • How do I pay for my evaluation?

    Payment may be made by Visa, MasterCard, or money order. Personal checks are not accepted. Section 7 of the application covers payment options.

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  • How do I submit my paperwork?

    You may send your application, certified true copies, and your payment to NCI by mail, email, or fax. A complete list of required documents and the schedule of fees are posted on the Evaluations page of our website,

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