North Central Institute Alumni 

          Congratulations on completing your education at NCI!





Now that you’re out in the work force, be sure to stay connected to your instructors, advisors  and fellow graduates.  NCI alumni are eligible to receive career placement services throughout their entire career. Use this page as a resource to share your experience at NCI, request transcripts and keep your contact information up to date.

If you are looking for available jobs, check out your student portal:  Student Portal

Share your Alumni information use our Alumni information form to share your success fill out the information below.

To request a transcript:  Online Transcript Request Form

We’d like how we are doing,  let us know using our contact page:  Use the contact us page

Alumni Status Update

When we have updated information, you might find yourself:

  • Networking your way to your dream job
  • Sharing your expertise with North Central Institute Students
  • Receiving our newsletter

Alumni Status Update

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