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Delta Air Lines has partnered with North Central Institute

Clarksville, TN – April, 25 2017 – Over the next several years, the Aircraft Maintenance Technician (AMT) position will be in high demand in the airline industry. AMTs keep aircraft in safe flying condition by servicing, repairing and overhauling aircraft and aircraft components while following detailed federal regulations set by the FAA. In order to prepare for this hiring need, Delta Air Lines has created partnerships with 38 AMT schools. Over the last several months, Delta TechOps evaluated these schools and found that they were determined to meet FAA standards as well as Delta’s high principles that exceed industry standards.

It is our pleasure to announce that North Central Institute (NCI) has been selected as one of the AMT schools that will partner with Delta. This partnership will benefit the school’s students by gaining Delta as a resource for continuous improvement of the AMT program along with Delta’s assistance with marketing the program to prospective students. Additionally, partnering with Delta will broaden access to the benefits of AMT careers available within the global aviation industry. Delta is pleased to welcome North Central Institute as a partner in attaining the airline industry’s best and brightest professional Aviation Maintenance Technicians.

In today’s exciting and expanding aviation industry, students with “hands on” training as well as traditional theory are most successful; at NCI an average of 60% of a student’s training time is spent in the Lab!  Explore an exciting career in Aviation Maintenance; contact NCI at 931.431.9700, email  or on the web at

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