North Central Institute achieves Green Certification

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North Central Institute achieves Green Certification

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By Elizabeth Black, Montgomery County Government

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. – North Central Institute, a trade school specializing in Aviation Maintenance, is the latest company to become Clarksville-Montgomery County Green Certified.

City of Clarksville Mayor Kim McMillan, Montgomery County Mayor Carolyn Bowers, and Chamber of Commerce Director Melinda Shepard were among those who attended to congratulate North Central Institute on their certification.

Prior to their green ribbon cutting, NCI President Tami Taliento, provided a tour of the 30,000 square foot facility and discussed the uniqueness of the training offered at the school. “If you are in a car and something goes wrong, you can pull over with the three or four other people in the car and assess the problem. At 10,000 feet in the air with more than 200 passengers, there is no place to pull over. Sometimes the students think we are hard on them but it is imperative for them to understand they have a responsibility to every soul from the time they board an aircraft to the time they land at their destination.” explained Taliento. “We take our training very seriously.”

Executive Administrative Assistant Amanda Wilson, who spearheaded the project, shared some of the changes NCI had made to earn their certification. “We recycle all paper, cardboard, aluminum cans and plastic bottles. Our paper is picked up by Bi-County Solid Waste and we take the remaining items to the nearby Bi-County Convenience Center on Airport Road. We have progressed from having three trash pick-ups per week to one and are paying less than half the cost. In addition, NCI now does online testing which greatly cuts down on the paper used and we use a lot more in-house communication through instant messaging rather than printing,” explained Wilson.

“Have you found that the employees are recycling at home and are the students recycling?” asked Bowers. As many of the staff stood nodding yes, Wilson, commented “They are, and even though I was doing some things at home, I am doing more and am more aware since participating in the program. My daughter actually made a duffle bag out of dog food bags as an extra credit project for school recently. The staff has also increased their carpooling to cut down on pollution.”

Tami Taliento added, “We are replacing the light bulbs with more energy efficient bulbs as the old ones go out. We have adjusted the thermostats to one setting throughout the facility and put locks on the thermostats. We also alter the settings when the building is empty and we shut down all computers in the evenings and weekends. The students and staff are doing a great job of turning the lights out in empty rooms.”

“We cannot control the cost of electricity per kilowatt but we can control our usage. Every little bit makes a difference even turning out the lights in a room when it’s only going to be a few minutes,” said Bowers.

McMillan also congratulated and encouraged them, “The certification is your first step. I know this is an ongoing process and we want you to continue sharing your progress,” she said.

Bowers agreed. “I have learned a lot about your school today and I’m thrilled with your enthusiasm about conserving resources,” she added.

NCI offers FCC Courses, two certificate programs in Aviation Maintenance and an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Aviation. For more information about the school, visit or call 931-431-9700.

If your business has an interest in learning more about the Clarksville-Montgomery County Green Certification Program email Michelle Newell at or call 931-245-1867.

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